Learning Can Be Fun!

I’m a firm believer that learning should never stop. We should be continually learning and growing throughout life. However, I must admit my favorite type of learning is doing it while having fun.

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With LUIP I got to experience learning in two ways on Saturday: a workshop on a very modern topic- entrepreneurship, and playing tourist at Hampton Court Palace, learning all things historical. Both led to an amazing time!

We started the day with an entrepreneurial work shop at Kingston University, with Dr. Martha Mador the head of Enterprise Education. We learned that entrepreneurship is a continuing process of discovery, evaluation, and exploitation. When set to task of creating our own business I have to say it was harder than it seems! Luckily we worked in groups to come up with our business, our plan, our motto, and even a catchy jingle.  Nothing like brainstorming with friends to start a day.

After our workshop we headed off to Hampton Court Palace.

20150606_145235            20150606_152331

We got lost in mazes, toured the gardens and the palace, and picked up a bit of history along the way.

  20150606_153131                       20150606_151406   20150606_152344      20150606_150829

Hampton Court Palace was the holiday home of King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, and was then utilized by William III.

         20150606_160024                20150606_155606

It is now used as a concert venue, a famous flower show venue, and a lovely place to go and picnic by the river. It was stunning, with the oldest and largest grape vine in the world (which you can pick grapes from in Sept), to the many gardens, to the grand rooms, everything caught your eye (they even provided a Smell Map of Georgian Court, yep scratch and sniff of a palace!).

    20150606_161102       20150606_161400

Like I said I learned so much on that day, but definitely had fun along the way… my favorite kind of day.


Till next time…


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